British Fashion Design: Rag Trade or Image Industry?

[Read free ebook] British Fashion Design: Rag Trade or Image Industry?

My recommendation is to go for what you like, no matter what the media tell you to put on. If you wish to look good, just about anything will work if it is appropriate for your body kind and skintone. For those who like to dress to impress, go for it. In case you like your high heels, go for it (though I would not put on them on a regular basis – give your feet the break they deserve). In the event you like your garments made for comfort, be happy. Don’t let anybody inform you you’ve got let yourself go simply since you like your hooded tops. They don’t must put on them.
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Like any business, fashion is about cash. The fixed change in tendencies that makes individuals change the content material of their wardrobes all year long is designed to keep us spending our cash. If fashion magazines told us that the latest should-have is, the truth is, the same must-have as last year, and the yr before that, people would only change that item if it had been damaged or if it didn’t match anymore. To keep customers on their toes, and to keep individuals within the business in work, fashion must keep evolving.
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Yes, from your head to your toe in white. The all-white look is taking its appropriate place in the fashion world and designers like Vera Wang and Roberto Cavalli are adding this to their spring assortment. Within the recent previous, we have now seen an overload of vibrant neon and blocked colored styles; so much so that I think we’ve got forgotten how nice and crisp we will look in a white ensemble. Do not take into consideration what the fashion development critiques assume. You may look completely amazing in white too even in case you are a plus-dimension.

Again within the fifties, when teen fashion firs appeared, it might comply with the famous look of James Dean in “Rebel With out a Cause”. Though, their garments did not differ an excessive amount of from the overall pattern in fashion, girls may very well be seen wearing attire fluffed out with petticoats and crinolines beneath the skirt. Boys wore tight Levis, Chinos, white or black tight shirts, as well as loafers or Converse shoes with leather jackets.

Snippet : British Fashion Design explores the tensions between fashion as art form, and the demands of a ruthlessly commercial industry. Based on interviews and research conducted over a number of years, Angela McRobbie charts the flow of art school fashion graduates into the industry; their attempts to reconcile training with practice, and their precarious position between the twin supports of the education system and the commercial sector. Stressing the social context of cultural production, McRobbie focuses on British fashion and its graduate designers as products of youth street culture, and analyses how designers from diverse backgrounds have created a labour market for themselves, remodelling `enterprise culture` to suit their own careers.

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