Islamic Branding and Marketing: Creating A Global Islamic Business

[Get free] Islamic Branding and Marketing: Creating A Global Islamic Business

In the present day with advanced computers on hand, cataloging course of has grow to be simpler. Totally different software purposes designed in making bibliographic data can be found. These software program purposes are very useful in creating catalogs on-line. In reference to this MARC has emerged. MARC stands for Machine Readable Cataloging Document.

There are several sizzling advantages to creating your individual info merchandise. First, your own product can convey you a gentle earnings for a very very long time. You create it once and sell it time and again. One other enticing purpose is you can recruit other folks to promote your product. You’ll be able to have a whole bunch, or even hundreds of individuals selling your product and making you money.

Faculty information retaining: This idea in line with NTI (2000:12) is the historical past of the college saved systematically. Which means the systematic development of the varsity at various closing dates must be totally recorded and saved by school directors. it’s the genuine register of instruments of officials accounts of transaction or accurance which are preserved in the colleges workplace (Olanrewaju 200S).
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Description : Islamic Branding and Marketing: Creating A Global Islamic Business provides a complete guide to building brands in the largest consumer market in the world. The global Muslim market is now approximately 23 percent of the world’s population, and is projected to grow by about 35 percent in the next 20 years. If current trends continue, there are expected to be 2.2 billion Muslims in 2030 that will make up 26.4 percent of the world’s total projected population of 8.3 billion. As companies currently compete for the markets of China and India, few have realized the global Muslim market represents potentially larger opportunities. Author Paul Temporal explains how to develop and manage brands and businesses for the fast-growing Muslim market through sophisticated strategies that will ensure sustainable value, and addresses issues such as: How is the global Muslim market structured? What opportunities are there in Islamic brand categories, including the digital world? What strategies should non-Muslim companies adopt in Muslim countries? More than 30 case studies illustrate practical applications of the topics covered, including Brunei Halal Brand, Godiva Chocolatier, Johor Corporations, Nestle, Unilever, Fulla, Muxlim Inc, and more. Whether you are in control of an established company, starting up a new one, or have responsibility for a brand within an Islamic country looking for growth, Islamic Branding and Marketing is an indispensable resource that will help build, improve and secure brand equity and value for your company.

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